Album Review \\ Ruby Rushton’s Vol 2 recorded in 24 hours with “utterly warranted confidence”

For many contemporary artists, the prospect of recording an LP in twenty-four hours would be daunting to say the least. However, it’s becoming something of a calling card for 22a founder and multi-instrumentalist Ed Cawthorne aka. Tenderlonious. With both volumes of Trudy’s Songbook and his forthcoming 22Archestra project, he’s worked within constraints to create fresh and exhilarating Jazz-funk that captures the creative vitality of the South London scene.

As a diverse composer, flautist and saxophonist—whose beginnings in drum ‘n’ bass and grime give his work grit and rhythmic emphasis—Tenderlonious is as easily likened to a genre-surfing, seventies-era artist like Robin Kenyatta as he is a modern alchemist like Flying Lotus; his work on this latest volume is as worthy of the dedicated listening you’d afford to the luminaries who inspired it.

The contributions of Tenderlonious’ bandmates, who include the outrageously talented trumpeter Nick Walters, keys player Aidan Shepherd, bassist Fergus Ireland, drummer Eddie Hick and percussionist Joseph Deenmamode, are as nuanced and awe-inspiring as the compositions themselves. With intensified snare strikes, subtle motif variations and splashes of colour and flare, they signal shifts through sections of the music with consummate ease. Its illustration is demonstrated on album opener Tisbury Truckin’, which is a lesson in dynamic ensemble playing and compositional development.

Hick’s frenetic playing on Voyage is a rhythmic pinnacle for the record. The band’s fresh and assured rendition of Herbie’s Butterfly, with its sultry qualities and rust-warn keys, capture a group with immense and utterly warranted confidence.

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Rhythm Section call the record ‘another step up for the UK scene’ and their high praise isn’t misplaced. Whether listening on wax or digitally, over the club sound system or the kitchen radio, make sure you give this one the time and dedication it deserves.

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