Exclusive \\ Run Logan Run reveal title track from their parameter-defying new album

Two piece Run Logan Run have impeccable timing. Its duos who have been making some of the most impactful moves of late when it comes to challenging the parameters of Jazz. Just look to Binker & Moses, Soccer96, Joe Armon-Jones & Maxwell Owin and Blue Lab Beats. Bristol based Andrew Neil Hayes (Saxophones / FX) and Dan Johnson (Drum Kit / Percussion) further prove that progressive duos are part of a historical Jazz movement which is coursing through not just London but the UK.

Bristol is a city rich in musical experimentation with leanings towards electronic tinkering. In the title track from their debut album The Delicate Balance Of Terror, Run Logan Run use FX to create space between anxious rhythms, droning synths and howling saxophone. Whilst it all sounds very post-apocolyptic, there is a subtle calm, underpinned by the hypnotic martial arts sequence in the video, premiered exclusively on EZH.

Recorded live at Total Refreshment Studios and produced by Betamax and Danalogue (Soccer96), Run Logan Run’s debut album has all the hallmarks for a memorable release.

Ahead of the release of The Delicate Balance Of Terror on 4 May via Weizenbaum, we talked to Run Logan Run about their title track and its video, as well as the Bristol music scene.

\\ Talk us through the concept of your album

I wouldn’t say we had a particular concept for the album when we started out. As much as possible, we try to make our music in the moment. The first five tracks were written two weeks before we went into the studio and the last track was improvised on the spot in one take. The names came afterwards when we were listening back trying to make sense of what came out. The Delicate Balance of Terror was a paper written by Albert Wohlstetter in 1958. It describes the precarious balance between nations that have the ability to strike with thermonuclear force. I’ve been having apocalyptic dreams of nuclear war for years now. Cleansing was like some kind of exorcism of all that shit.

\\ How did you develop the idea for the video?

It’s actually part two of a trilogy we’re working on with local filmmaker / artist / general badass – Chris Lucas. It’s been a process of back and forth between the three of us to hash out some kind of coherent story that visualises the themes at the heart of the music. We were keen that the videos would be legitimate works of art in themselves and not just ‘music videos’ to use as promotion. I’ve been practising martial art for six years now and I see a tonne of parallels within it to music, so I always wanted to incorporate some into a film. I was honoured that my teacher agreed to be in the film too; she is an amazing martial artist and truly inspiring. There is a logical story linking the three videos, though I’m not sure it’s very clear. But then neither is reality, I mean who’s really responsible for whacking that Russian spy?

Listen to the exclusive mix from Soccer96

\\ Tell us about the music scene around you in Bristol?

The Bristol music scene is pretty good at the moment, there’s loads going on in most genres with a lot of cool stuff happening in the improv scene. Bands like Modulus III, EP/64, Waldo’s Gift, Domestic Sound Cupboard are all doing great things. Hysterical Injury, Jesuits, Yama Warashi, The Brackish, the Evil Usses…anyone from the BLOOM collective is worth checking us…our friend Harry Furniss has been putting on loads of alternative shows for a while with a focus on bringing different scenes together, he actually gave us our first gig together back in the day.

Catch Run Logan Run on their UK tour

27th April – The Cube, Bristol

05th May – Sunbird Records, Darwen

06th May – The Kings Arms, Salford (Sounds From The Other City)

09th May – Sebright Arms, London

11th May – Kazimier Garden, Liverpool

12th May – Cobalt Studios, Newcastle

13th May – The Hug & Pint, Glasgow

17th May – The Yorkshire House, Lancaster

18th May – Fell Bar, Penrith

19th May – Carlisle TBC

20th May – The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh

23rd May – Wharf Chambers, Leeds

25th May – The Basement, York

27th May – The Royal Oak, Bath

29th May – Matt and Phreds, Manchester

The Delicate Balance of Terror here is released 4 May via Weizenbaum

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