EZH Radio \\ April New Music ft Kadhja Bonet, Robocobra Quartet and Bosq

April got us feeling good with the return of LA sun-kissed soul from Kadhja Bonet and a sublime release from Yazmin Lacey. Multi-instrumentalists shine this month with Emma-Jean Thackray and Ben Lamar Gay (Bottle Tree).

There’s an ambient treat from Portico Quartet and a new family member to welcome to 22a. Bosq takes us further into his explorations of Afro and Latin and we check out the new project of Led Bib bassist Liran Donin. Following a premiere on BBC Radio 1 from their upcoming album, we pluck an exclusive track from howling Jazz-hardcore band Robocobra Quartet.

Vancouver based Potatohead People show us why Illa J and Kaytranada are feeling their grooves. Blue Lab Beats get creative on their new album with a vocoder and UK rapper Louis VI gets bitten by Jazz. Want more? Bristol two piece Run Logan Run reveal their new album produced by Betamax and Danalogue (The Comet Is Coming). Slam dunk the funk, Jazz, electronica, soul, all the things.

\\ Track List

James ‘Creole’ Thomas \\ Creole People

James ‘Creole’ Thomas \\ First Ways

Yazmin Lacey \\ 90 degrees

Emma-Jean Thackary \\ Red Bush

Kadhja Bonet \\ Mother Maybe

Ben Lamar Gay \\ A Seasoning Called Primavera

Liran Donin’s 1000 boats \\ Tel Aviv to Ramallah

Robocobra Quartet \\ You’ll Wade

Potatohead people \\ Morning Sun ft Nana B

Bosq \\ The Love Lucid Paradise (E da Boss & Ishtar)

Louis VI \\ Jazz Got Me Ft. Mick Jenkins and Emile Martinez

Run Logan Run \\ Death is elsewhere

Blue Lab Beats \\ Timeless

Portico Quartet \\ Double Space

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