Jazz Beats & Flow \\ South London producer D. Lynnwood celebrates new E.P with mix

Producer D. Lynnwood has announced his upcoming Connect EP, featuring four conceptual tracks that travel through modern disco, funk and house with South London glaze. Opening track Gospel Discotheque is a universal feel-gooder that will stick with you for days.

To celebrate the release of Connect EP out on 6 April via Shapes of Rhythm, D. Lynnwood shares with us an exclusive listen of his brand new mix. Featuring Prince, Madlib, I:Cube and The Burell Brothers, D. Lynnwood describes the mix as a “short glimpse of what I am into musically and the sort of stuff I love and play as a DJ”. He adds; “I love and play all kind of music as long as it has soul, attitude and some funk to it!” Listen to the mix here.

\\ Tell us about what went into Connect EP?

For this EP the tracks were done at different times but all with the same concept; to join the dots between genre. Each track has a specific reference point. Gospel Discotheque is an ode to the underground disco scene in the 80s and the Paradise Garage movement. I basically chopped some gospel samples with my mate Bodymoves and started jamming.

Bitcoins is my take on early Detroit techno when producers had just one synth and a drum machine to play with and basically made some of the best club records ever; a dope groove and lots of funk were all that was needed. The Vault is probably more obvious; it’s simply my homage to Prince. I was imagining a demo track that was left in the Paisley Park Vault. Space Agent is more a take on sci-fi movies and the Electric Mojo show too.

Track list coming soon…

Buy D. Lynnwood’s Connect EP via Bandcamp

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