Premiere \\ New video from Sol Monk celebrates Raw Tapes compilation

Tel Aviv based label Raw Tapes celebrates 10 years with thier third compilation, Puzzles vol.3. Featuring 13 brand new tracks including tunes from Sol MonkButtering Trio and Nitai Hershkovits with MNDSGN.

With more than 70 albums released to date, Raw Tapes have an insatiable ear for talent. Sol Monk’s brand new tune Third Eye features rising vocalist Jenny Penkin. It’s an electronic jam that balances neo-soul and club culture beats with dawn-dusk imagery.

To celebrate the release of Puzzles vol.3 out now on Raw Tapes, we premiere the new video for Third Eye and get chatty with Sol Monk.

\\ What’s the concept behind ‘Third Eye’?

The concept behind Third Eye is knowing our most correct “vibration”, being tuned, being aware of the third eye and using it to reach people and vise versa.
When it comes to finding love, especially in the big city, it takes time to find a really strong and authentic connection. Sometimes all we need is to use our intuition.

\\ How did you start working with Jenny Penkin?

Jenny and I play together for Marina Maximilian (an amazing singer and friend) with Jenny on backing vocals and myself on drums. We started making beats together and we found there was a good connection.

\\ Tell us about the Tel Aviv scene?

The Tel Aviv scene is a small and condensed scene. With great artists in all genres; jazz, hip-hop, minimal tech and so on. Different musical connections occur and form interesting cross-genre music. I see it a lot with jazz musicians and beat makers, which happens a lot in Raw Tapes.

\\ Who else should we be checking out from the city?

Geshem is a trio with Yonatan Albalak, Shuzin and my self. I’m very proud and honored to be part of this one. Their debut album release date 21 April. All the music that comes out of Raw Tapes! Seriously, all the good cats release music there. Big Vicius; a band lead by Avishai Cohen who is a trumpet player and a wizard. Quarter to Africa for super desert grooves and Borochov Dynasty; Bukharian sacred music.

\\ What’s coming up for you guys this year?

 There is a whole lot of good stuff coming this year; shows, tours, videos and new releases. Right now we are working on Jenny’s debut album which will come out this year and will be hot. Also I just finished a six track EP with Tomer Bar called Space Dream which will be out soon. Other than that maybe a new Sol Monk album?! Maybe!

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