Premiere \\ Watch Mali Hayes’ session for Brownswood Basement

Mali Hayes, an artist who is soaring on Gilles’ Peterson‘s Future Bubblers initiative, is preparing for impact in 2018. Ahead of her coming release, we premiere the Mancunian’s performance of neo-soul tickled F You from the Brownswood BasementA story of post-break up self-defiance, the track is accented with synthy beds and snappy snares

Manchester’s Jazz-centric music scene has been drip-feeding the world with a series of breaking acts; GoGo Penguin, Werkha, Children of Zeus and Matthew Halsall have all been a part of the city’s growing reputation as a new music. Mali Hayes is the next artist to draw attention to the city.

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Following the premiere of F You, we took some time to get to know Mali Hayes a little better.

\\ How have you developed as an artist since stepping into Future Bubblers?

I feel I’ve developed confidence in communicating and networking with people. I’ve had many chats with my mentor and I’ve really stepped out on my comfort zone with my future release. I’ve developed a deeper understanding of what the music industry is and how hard you need to work. I think being having to meet deadlines and being in and out of Brownwood shows me the real side of what I’m stepping in to as a career and it has helped massively.

\\ We imagine it was cathartic to write ‘F You’; What do you want people to take away with them from the song?

I actually wrote this song about something really close to my heart and what I’m saying in the song is; you hurt me, you betrayed me, you put me down and kept kicking me—but I got back up and I’m still standing. I’m learning and growing and I don’t have time nor the energy to keep you in my life! It’s not always easy to take that advice though, but I hope this song resonates with someone who really needs to hear those words!

\\ Tell us what you love about Manchester’s current music scene?

I feel like the Manchester music scene is absolutely buzzing right now. All my peers I respect highly and to see them doing so well continues to make me push further and harder with my own career. Look at IAMDDB, LayFullStop, Family Ranks, Mica Millar… also Children Of Zeus and The Mouse Outfit (who I’m really excited to be working with at the moment!). JP Cooper, too; his career has really rocketed! It’s crazy to think we were doing small gigs in Manchester and London only a handful of years ago when I did backing vocals for him, and now he’s plastered all over the TV and YouTube—it’s really amazing to see and it’s super inspiring.

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