\\ Three minutes with Keyon Harrold ahead of his UK tour

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Trumpeter Keyon Harrold is living his best life; he’s worked with globally-recognised artists from Bilal to Jay Z and was a major contributor to the soundtrack for Miles Ahead. It was its Director Don Cheadle who, after a gushing conversation of admiration, introduced him to the stage as ‘the Mugician’; part musician, part magician. It was after that, he told Billboard, that he decided, ‘I’m gonna have to write something along those lines…'”

With his second album The Mugician having excited fans and gathered him many new ones, he’s about to begin his UK tour with support from Ashley Henry and the RE: Ensemble and Tina Edwards (DJ set) amongst others. We had some time with Keyon ahead of his dates.

\\ Your music encourages people to think about important topics; what kind of conversations have your music inspired?

It inspires conversations about honesty and authenticity.  I think my music spawns conversations about hope, love, innovation, consciousness in social justice and equality in the world, and a new creative way to approach music with a legitimate anchor in jazz.  But I’ve also been moved by how much my music has inspired others to speak of their family. The first track on my album, Voicemail, is an actual message my mother left me. I started out the whole album with it because I wanted listeners to understand immediately who inspires me daily. But so many people have come up to me to share their feelings about that song. It’s humbling.

\\ How far are you into planning your next album?

I am currently a few tracks into the next project and working on a few other projects as well; some scoring and collaborative projects.  The next album is shaping up nicely. I will take the band into the studio and finish it off after my Spring UK tour.  I like to craft the concept and record a bunch of ideas then find a string that ties them together. At any rate,  I can’t wait to share the next evolution.

\\ Which UK artists are you into?

I love Fink—he is so eloquent.  There is such a simplicity to his lyrics. And his vibes are always thoughtful. Listening to Shabaka Hutchings—I like the intensity of the Second Sons of Kemet release. I have been a fan of Imogen Heap for years.  Pure creativity to me.  Happy to be working with Ashley Henry, a true talent; shout out to him.


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