\\ Tina Edwards shares ‘Jazz is a state of mind’ one hour mix

EZH founder Tina Edwards shares her first mix online. From Christian Scott to Jacob Korn she travels via GoGo Penguin, Sudan Archives and Tom Tom Club.

Tina Edwards begins a five week residency with Reach Out at Old Street Records in London from 26 February with the team behind legendary club night Dingwalls. Find out more.

\\ Track List

Christian Scott \\ Diaspora

Darkhouse Family \\ The Offering

Unknown \\ Unknown

Amy Winehouse \\ In My Bed

A Tribe Called Quest \\ Check the Rhyme

Bottle Tree \\ Open Secret

Thundercat \\ Them Changes

Sudan Archives \\ Come Meh Way

A.R.E Project \\ Calling the Loas

Hidden Spheres \\ Peteonsax

All the People \\ Falling

GoGo Penguin \\ Garden Dog Barbeque

Tom Tom Club \\ Wordy Rappinghood

Cos-Ber-Zam – Ne Noya

Dan Kye \\ Change

Moses Boyd \\ The Balance

Peggy Gou \\ Maktoop

Jakob Korn \\ Holiday


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