Under The Influence \\ Multi-Instrumentalist Nostalgia 77

Ben Lamdin AKA Nostalgia 77 has been dropping his eclectic sound via the Tru Thoughts label for as long as it’s been around; truly a core member of the TT family. Ahead of the label’s 18th birthday celebrations at Roundhouse in London on 21 October, we take multi-instrumentalist Nostalgia 77 Under the influence.


Charles Mingus \\ Ah Um

To my mind, Charles Mingus was as much of a master as Ellington had been for keeping roots the driving force in Jazz, whilst developing the music with all the freedom, sophistication and politics it deserved as it wound its way through the 20th Century. Arguably his most accessible record, I was introduced to this by a girlfriend in school and it will never loose its charm.

Clifford Jordon \\ In The World (Strata East)

This set by Clifford Jordon on Strata East really delivers in that area where the music is both melodic and very free.  For me it has the greatest line up of anything on Strata East – Don Cherry, Wynton Kelly, Roy Haynes, Julian Preister, Wilber Ware, Richard Davies

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Paul Bley \\ Closer 

This Paul Bley set was issued at least twice on ESP and Actual and totally deserves it.  My favourite is Carla Bley‘s composition Ida Lupino which has been revisited many times, but for me never bettered. Support is by Barry Altschul and Steve Swallow.

Sun Ra \\ Discipline 27-II 

Reputedly the largest ever Sun Ra line up on record.  This one was produced to the same standard as the Impulse releases but notoriously rare until reissued by Strut earlier this year.  For me it has all the best of what Sun Ra could bring; theatre, arrangements, vibe and those cryptic lyrics.  

John Coltrane \\ Blue Trane 

Hard to find anything to improve in any aspect of this record.  Packed with personalities at the height of their powers. 

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