Video premiere \\ Manu Delago presents ‘A Step’ with chamber orchestra

If you’ve ever seen Manu Delago play live, you’ll know that the experience stays with you. He is one of those rare performers who makes moments poignant, outdoing himself with each track.

His 2017 EP Metromonk is so malleable with interpretation that it’s been followed by multiple versions of itself: Metromonk Unplugged, Metromonk Remixed and now, Metromonk with a chamber orchestra. We’re stoked to premiere the video for what we think is the most stunning track to come from the Metromonk project yet. Delago’s hang drum floats and patters above strings, clarinet and bassoon as Pete Josef delivers a moving vocal in an intimate space.

The orchestral version of Manu Delago‘s opening track A Step was premiered on Tina EdwardsWorldwide FM show last week. Watch the video exclusively on EZH.

We asked Delago to tell us about A Step and his upcoming live shows.

\\ Tell us about the lyrics behind ‘A Step’. 

It is inspired by the philosophical train of thought that comes from the decision of whether or not you should venture into the freezing cold water of a mountain stream or pool. It’s a step that so hard to make, but you know you’ll never regret it.

\\ How did you arrange the track for an orchestra? 

The minimal synths of the original inspired me to use woodwinds and strings for this track. The whole idea of the Metromonk Unplugged EP was a development of that idea. The synths heard on the album are brought to life by a haze of clarinet, bassoon and strings with added warmth from the trembling double bass and cello. These instrumental layers build slowly before plunging into a tremendously rich final chorus.

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\\ You collaborate with Pete Josef on this track. How did you meet and why did the collab feel like a good fit for ‘A Step’?

Pete performed as support artist for my Bristol show back in 2015. I loved his voice and we stayed in touch since then. I sent him the hang instrumental of A Step with the words and he sent back an amazing demo which was already very close to the finalised version; I was quite blown away by it.

\\ The EP drops this Friday – what’s next? 

In February I’ll be touring in Europe and the UK with my own chamber orchestra. After that I have more tours coming up in Asia, Australia and North America. Also, there’s an exciting visual project that is due to come out later this year…

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