Worldwide FM \\ Listen to the CHICAGOXLONDON live session

Beat scientist Makaya McCraven and cornet player Ben Lamar Gay (Bottle Tree) met London’s tuba player Theon Cross moments before going live on air for 40 minutes of improv. What would happen would be the prelude to two nights at Total Refreshment Centre, where McCraven collaborated with a number of London artists for the first time in front of a live audience.

With a number of instruments between the three artists, including a music box and diddley bow, Chicago’s non-spherical grit melted with Theon’s muddy tuba in Worldwide FM’s London station.

Tina Edwards went back to back with International Anthem founder Scottie McNeice. Playing tunes from their respective cities, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Junius Paul and Joe Armon-Jones introduced the tale of two cities across two hours.

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