All about Invoice Factoring Versus Purchase Order Funding

Illinois factoring companies and purchase order funding are known to be the most reliable ways for your business to generate capital. Either if you want to pay your bills and debt or just need to grow your business, you might be able to utilize this money received from factoring companies in New York. There are a lot of companies who still don’t know various methods of supporting their businesses financially and still rely on an option such as taking a loan or to use profits that they already have on hand.

Unfortunately, many businesses- mostly small-scale businesses won’t be able to do either as they might not be in business for a long time or might not have a good credit score for a bank to grant them a loan. Especially in today’s economic times a business having an average or poor credit makes it difficult if not impossible, to get a loan. Many businesses are nowadays doing well and will be able to manage everything with ease and don’t require to take loans for getting their work done, and funding their future projects for paying off bills and debts, while some companies do not even have cash in hand to get even a small task to get done. For such companies factoring companies in New York can be helpful.

What is Invoice Factoring?

New York invoice factoring involves selling account receivable invoices to a factoring company in New York, and a factor will purchase these at a discounted price. The rate is between 70% and 90% of the full value of the invoice is the going rate. While, this might be only applicable if the invoice holder has proper credit and if they do not have proper credit, then it becomes difficult to get a factor to purchase these invoices and do business with them.

What is Purchase Order Financing?

Purchase order financing is quite similar to invoice financing. Purchase order financing is where a company will be selling its purchase orders instead of selling receivables invoices like in New York invoice factoring. It is like a promise from another individual to buy inventory or a specific service from that company. The entire process of purchase order financing would work in much the same way as factoring companies in New York.

Businesses Using Factoring Programs

After Illinois factoring companies buy the invoices, they will then collect them and all money is then returned to the original invoice owner. A fee is then received by the factoring companies, which is predetermined and agreed upon by both parties. As the company, which has sold their invoice, can receive money upfront, they are in benefit. The company can infuse capital into their company without debt and which will likely be very much needed. The reason for factoring companies in New York is so reliable is that the company instead of waiting for the invoice payments are paid much sooner; often in less than seven days of selling the invoice or purchase order.