Is Sky Go Worth it – Or Should I Choose Another Streaming Service?

Streaming platforms have transformed media consumption, offering us unparalleled flexibility and choice. Sky Go has emerged as a strong contender in the European market among the many options. But how does it stack against heavyweights like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+? Is it worth your money and screen time? Let’s dissect its offerings and see if it’s your choice.

What is Sky Go?

Before we delve into comparisons, it’s essential to understand what Sky Go offers:

  • Portability: An extension of Sky TV, Sky Go allows subscribers to watch live and on-demand content on various devices, from smartphones to tablets.
  • Content Library: Features Sky channels like Sky Atlantic, Sky News, and Sky Cinema. Also offers access to sports channels for those with a Sky Sports subscription.
  • Flexibility: Offers features like pausing live TV, watching on-demand, and downloading content to watch offline.

By the way, if you are wondering come vedere Sky Go all estero; using a VPN will allow you to gert past the geo-restrictions although you will still need a subscription.

Sky Go vs. The Competition

Content Diversity:

  • Sky Go: Has a vast content library, especially if you’re a fan of live sports. Its relationship with HBO ensures access to high-quality dramas.
  • Others: Platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime have a more diverse global content range, including multiple genres from various countries.

Original Productions:

  • Sky Go: While Sky produces original content like Chornobyl and Gangs of London, it doesn’t match the volume of Netflix or Amazon Prime originals.
  • Others: Netflix and Disney+ are powerhouses in producing original content, often with significant budgets and star-studded casts.


  • Sky Go: The pricing is tied to your Sky TV subscription, which can be higher, especially if you add premium channels.
  • Others: Platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime often come in cheaper, especially if you’re only interested in basic plans. However, they don’t offer live TV or sports.

User Experience:

  • Sky Go: The interface is functional, and streaming quality is decent. Some users report occasional glitches, especially during high-demand live broadcasts.
  • Others: Streaming giants like Netflix have invested heavily in user experience, leading to intuitive interfaces and seamless streaming.

Device Compatibility:

  • Sky Go: Offers broad compatibility from smartphones to game consoles.
  • Others: Platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime are also widely compatible, often boasting better app experiences.

Who Should Consider Sky Go?

  • Sports Enthusiasts: If live sports coverage is crucial for you, Sky Go is a strong contender, especially with a Sky Sports subscription.
  • Drama Lovers: With Sky’s partnership with HBO, fans of high-quality drama series will find a lot to love.
  • Existing Sky TV Subscribers: If you’re already a Sky TV customer, Sky Go adds value by offering flexibility and portability.

The Drawbacks

  • Price Point: Sky Go can seem pricey for those used to the cost of other streaming platforms, especially when you factor in add-ons.
  • Technical Glitches: Some users report occasional streaming issues, particularly during popular live events.
  • Content Limitations: While Sky Go offers a plethora of content, it might not match the vast diversity found on platforms dedicated solely to on-demand streaming.

Streaming Showdown – Making the Call

Regarding the crowded world of streaming, choices can be overwhelming. The decision often boils down to priorities. Sky Go offers considerable appeal if live sports and high-quality drama series are your jam. However, if you’re looking for diverse global content with a vast array of originals, you might lean towards platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime.