The Right Shirts For Men Fabrics Best For Different Seasons And Occasions

Shirts are a fashion staple of every man’s closet. But, you need to have a collection of shirts that cover all the seasons and occasions entirely. 

This is why your wardrobe should have half sleeves shirts for men in summer and striped shirts for men at parties. Here are a few shirts every man should have in his closet to wear in different seasons and at various events. 

Oxford Cloth For All Seasons

Oxford fabric is one of the most popular choices for tailoring shirts for men. This variety of fabric is thick, absorbing, and features a wrinkle-free texture. So, you can wear Oxford fabric half sleeves shirts for men or striped shirts for men all day long, and the shirts will not gain a single crease. 

Additionally, oxford cloth shirts feature several designs and weaving patterns which make the lot varied. You can wear them comfortably in summer as well as in winter. Pair these shirts with jeans or trousers and blazers to look confident.  These are perfect for almost all occasions. 

Linen For Summer Season

Linens are quite popular these days. For summer wear, linen shirts remain one of the fashion wardrobe staples. You will find fine-quality check shirts, full sleeve shirts, and half sleeves shirts for men made of linen in JACK&JONES’s collection. These shirts are perfect for daily use, casual outfits and semi-formal looks. 

Linen shirts are lightweight and skin-friendly. This means that even on sultry summer days, you will feel comfortable as the shirt will soak up sweat. Plus, the porous texture of linen shirts allows enough air circulation to keep body temperature balanced. 

Cotton For All-Season Fashion

When it comes to the fabric quality of shirts for men, cotton remains an undisputed choice. Cotton is lightweight, breathable, and features a matte texture. While men prefer wearing check shirts and full sleeve shirts made of cotton during summer, these could be your all-season wardrobe essentials. 

You can also wear cotton shirts for any variety of occasions and events. From office meetings and casual parties to movie nights, cotton shirts are perfect for all purposes, provided you pair them with suitable bottom wear.  

Poplin For Style And Trend

Poplin is almost like Oxford fabric except that the former has a shinier and smoother texture due to its sophisticated weaving. If you are looking for stylish and durable striped shirts for men, buy a poplin shirt without any hesitations. 

You can pair these shirts with formal pants and boots to look dignified. For summer, add an extra layer of coat or blazer on it to walk in style and embrace comfort.  But poplin shirts from JACK&JONES’s online portal to choose from myriad designs and colours. 

Broadcloth For Insulation

The broadcloth’s characteristic dense weaving pattern makes it perfect for winter. Poplin and broadcloth may appear alike if you do not pay attention to the weaving difference, but these two fabric varieties certainly feel very different when you wear them. 

To attend parties, office meetings, or conferences, you can always wear broadcloth check shirts or full sleeve shirts. This fabric keeps you insulated from the chill, especially in winter. 

JACK&JONES is a reputed garment brand that offers a varied collection of men’s shirts. This website offers several colour options, sizes, sleeve varieties, prints, and collar designs for all the shirts available.