5 Realistic Artificial Plants in Singapore

Having a beautiful and beautiful house is everyone’s dream. Everyone will think of various ways to beautify the house both inside and outside the house. One of them is by presenting ornamental plants at home. This fake one is usually used as a home decoration to beautify it. But they are also known to build the mood for anyone who sees them. However, having houseplants at home requires you to always water and care for them to keep them alive and always fresh. Although often what happens is that you are too lazy to care for them due to the daily activities which are very time-consuming and quite tiring. Then, what is the solution so that the house remains beautiful with ornamental plants without you having no bother taking care of it?

This artificial one that you can use as an alternative to decorating your house to be beautiful. The advantage of this fake one is that it is durable. You don’t have to bother taking care of it because it will always look fresh. Nowadays, the fake ones look very much like native ones, in contrast to fake plants that look stiff and fake. Then, what are the artificial plants that look very realistic to the real ones?

  1. Velener green leaf

This fake taro leaf is a perfect addition to your house and office decor. It has realistic textures and colors and can give a lush feel of beauty. They also free us from the hassle of taking care of native ones. The material used is plastic. So, they are allergy-free. Its stems have a metal wire in them, which allows you to pose the velener green leaf in any way you want. Choose a pot with a plastic material to keep it from getting damaged by water. Its portable size and charming grey color give off a rustic style that easily blends in with any decor and fit into limited spaces. Maintaining these artificial is easy too. All you need to do is wipe it gently with a damp cloth to remove dust on the leaves and stems. Its realistic design can brighten your living space, outdoors, and outdoors.

  1. Cactus

Are any of you confused about the difference between succulents and cacti? Cactus belong to the type of succulent plant. However, not all succulent plants are cacti. Even so, succulents are not the name of a plant family like cacti. Succulent is a term for plants that have the character of absorbing and storing water in their stems. Physically, succulents have leaf-like petals. But cacti replace leaf tissue in the form of spines. Artificial cacti use soft materials so that’s why the needles are not sharp. So, they won’t hurt anyone. Because of their small shape, they can be placed on the sides of the room or the table.

  1. Orchid.

As we know, growing and caring for orchids is a difficult thing to do. Orchids are known to be very sensitive to the surrounding environment. Therefore, if you treat them badly then they will also be mean to you. So, if you don’t take good care of them then they won’t show their growth in us either. Therefore, if we can’t guarantee to take care of it, then you should choose artificial orchids. Orchids are plants with beautiful flowers that are suitable for decorating your home. They are very popular with their beautiful flowers with stems that grow elongated. The uniqueness of its striking and soothing flower colors is what attracts many people’s hearts. To get realistic artificial ones, you can look for them in trusted e-commerce Singapore. Determine in advance what type you will buy. Then look for and consider the credibility of e-commerce. You can also use a plant delivery Singapore service.

  1. Monstera

Monstera is a plant that is known for its super unique appearance. Its hollow leaves make this popular as an ornamental plant at home. The size of the leaves is large and hollow, resembling a heart. Their leaves are made of silk and polyester while the stem is made from plastic. They are perfect for the sides of your home or office in all seasons. The size of them also varies. Some even reach as high as adult women. The advantage of choosing these monstera is that you don’t bother thinking about pruning, watering, or even being afraid of being damaged.

  1. Begonia

Begonia is highly sought after by many people because of its beauty. Besides being placed in a pot, They can also be put down by hanging. They are vines. Even their flowers will also grow vines along with the leaves. You can choose a color that you like or match the concept of your home. Try to use plastic pots to maintain durability. But you can also use pots made of clay or straw to add to their aesthetics. If you intend to hang it, then the brown straw rope is suitable to be paired with your clay pot.

The ease of care for the artificial one is the main reason for everyone to buy them. Many shops sell them online such as FlowerAdvisor. If you intend to buy then you can visit their website page. They sell the fake plant Singapore in various types. Apart from the many choices, they also have the best and 24-hour service. This e-commerce state will make it easier for you and save on shipping costs. It is because they have the advantage of free shipping.