Feeding Essentials to Get from Hibobi

Once your baby hits the 6 months mark, it’s time to go online at Hibobi to shop for all the food feeding essentials for your little ones. 6 months is the recommended age where PEADS advice parents to start with the solid food which should be soft and runny in consistency so that your child’s body can prepare for food apart from milk and gain all the important nutrients. Hibobi has a wide range of feeding essentials which makes the food weaning process very easy for the baby and the parent. Get all the feeding supplies at a great price with the use of the Hibobi coupon Kuwait.

Spoon Feeding Bottle

The spoon-feeding bottle is the best feeding essential you can get from Hibobi. When introducing your baby to solids, the first food which should be given must be in semi-solid form. This includes porridge made from oats and cereal such as Cerelac. These types of food can be poured into the feeding bottle and a spoon cover can be attached to the top. The tip of the spoon has a little opening that allows the food to come in the spoon when the bottle is squeezed a little. This allows easy feeding to the child and eliminates the use of a bowl. Get the spoon-feeding bottle at a reasonable price with the use of the Hibobi coupon Kuwait. In order to feed the solid food to babies it is recommended to use the spoon feeding bottle. You can use the spoon feeding bottle to feed Cerelac and porridge. This spoon is designed only for the easy feeding to the little ones. The new mothers should get benefit from this product. If you have Hibobi coupon Kuwait you can have lot of savings.

Spoon and Bowl Set

The second feeding essential which is a must-have is the bowl and spoon set from Hibobi. This cutlery is made with soft baby friendly plastic and silicone which can be easily sterilized in the sterilizer or hot water. Since they are made with plastic, the cutlery won’t break when your child throws them on the floor and the spoon is made according to the size of the infant and has soft corners for easy and safe feeding. The spoon and bowl set is available in different designs and sizes to meet the customer needs. Get the set at a good price with the use of the Hibobi coupon Kuwait. In order to find the coupon codes you should use the online platform.

Rotating Bowl

Once the baby is old enough to walk, they like holding on to their food bowls while eating a walking. To avoid food spillage, get the 360 rotatable food bowls from Hibobi at a low price with Hibobi coupon Kuwait. When you visit the Hibobi, you will find every type of feeding essentials like spoon bottles, bowl set, rotating bowl and many others. It is a best place for the shopping of the feeding products for the babies.