Top Reasons to Install Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

Industrial roller shutter doors are commonly seen in industrial or commercial settings, where large areas have to be kept cool or chilled because traffic is high. A specialist door system is required, as this will keep the temperature down without impeding traffic flow or the movement of material. There are numerous reasons why you can consider installing industrial roller shutter doors. Want to know what they are? Some of the top ones are outlined below:

  • High speed operation

Industrial roller shutter doors are created for opening and closing quickly, thereby preventing any loss of heat while still enabling easy movement and transport of material and people through the facility. You can go with roller shutter doors that are operated automatically or you can also go for manual ones.

  • Fire protection

Made from galvanized steel, roller shutter doors can provide protection against fire. As long as it remains closed, the door will be able to give two hours of fire protection.

  • Excellent insulation

Installing roller shutter doors is the ideal option for a chilled area that experiences a lot of traffic. Other door types might take a long time to open and close which compromises the insulation, but this is not a problem with roller shutter doors because they only open as high as they are needed. Plus, they can also move quickly and don’t generate a draft. When closed, these doors can offer excellent insulation, helping save energy and reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Cost effectiveness

When it comes to cost effectiveness and efficiency, it can be hard to beat roller shutter doors because the electric motors can open and close them quickly. The flow of traffic through the area moves quickly, facilitating transport and can also prevent delays, while the quick turnaround time and superior insulation ensures that the electricity bills stay low.