Slots Laws & Changes in 2021

Every country or state has its way of rules and regulations surrounding the gambling industry. Simultaneously, the developed countries China, the US and Thailand have tough rules for online slots.  

Great Britain’s gambling industry is booming with the right proportion of rigorous and lax regulations. The safe gambling platform provides players with fair gaming ground while giving operators almost free rein with their casino bonuses and features – visit now.

Read this informative article to know all about slot laws in the UK and how slot gaming changes with time. 

How does UK slot gaming laws evolve with time?  

UK slot gaming laws have transitioned significantly in the past decade. The origin of the first slot machine was in early 1900. However, it did not capture players’ interest till 1960, from design to laws, the slot gaming industry changed in all aspects.  

The Gambling Act of 2005 is the official legislature ruling the gambling world. Here are some laws enforced by UKGC to ensure a safe slot gaming platform. 

  • Strict legislation to obtain a license
  • Different measurement to keep players fund secure.
  • A transparent mechanism to promise randomness
  • Stringent laws against fraud threats 
  • Keeping players funds separate from the leading slot cash

What New Slot Regulations UK Has Introduced in Slots Gaming?

Early in 2020, UKGC has proposed many new regulations for the gambling industry. These new laws have restricted players and operators in enjoying some of the perks. The exact date to implement these laws is still unknown; however, we can tell our readers what’s cooking in the UKGC pot.

  • As of April 2020, credit cards are banned from gambling because of the high ratio of frauds gambling addiction and financial struggles.
  • Players can’t place high bets on their favourite slot games. The FOBTs stake limit has been reduced from £100 to meagre £2, shocking for the gamers and operators. 
  • There is a presumption that the caps on slot gaming is in the thinking process too. Let’s see what the UKGC comes up with. 


The Most Unsettling UKGC Regulation For 2021

The bet reduction law is the most unsettling regulation for both players and operators. Understandable so later, this law player will be unable to take significant risks that are the core of gaming excitement. Simultaneously operator will have to face a high chunk of losing in profits.  

It will also affect the bonuses features which will gradually become less thrilling and lose all attraction. If you are a shot fan, this law may seem to affect your gaming experience. Let’s take a look at what the pros and cons come with this law.  


  • The cap will curtail players debt potential.
  • It will help people with gambling addiction by hindering their obsession.
  • Decrease in crime rate because of slot gaming losses and issues
  • Making short term betting beneficial
  • Give novices time to get a feel of the slot before overspending.
  • Reviving previous losses will be easy.


  • Reduction in bonuses and slots
  • No more perks for the VIP players
  • No more thrilling slot experience
  • Smaller jackpot
  • Time limits on slots
  • High wagering requirements
  • Increase in illegal activities