Ensuring productivity at work: Get a standing desk!

Most of us have sedentary jobs, where we need to sit for hours looking the monitor. The lack of regular exercise can only add to back and spine problems in the long run. If you want to feel more productive and enthused at work, consider getting a standing desk. For the unversed, a standing desk, also called sit-stand desk, allows the user to switch between positions as needed. Depending on the features and mechanics, the prices may vary. Something like PrimeCables electric standing desk can cost somewhere around $250 or less. In this post, we are sharing the basics of buying a standing desk. 

Benefits of a standing desk

Sitting for long hours may have many side-effects, including unwanted strain on the back and spine.  Also, this has been linked to obesity and other conditions. A standing desk, because of the design, allows a professional to stand when needed and work with the same level of ease and professionalism. The desk can be raised and lowered to different positions for the required ergonomic comfort. 

The options

There are all sorts of standing desks in the market, and each one is unique for its own reasons. The simplest one is a manual standing desk, which must be manually adjusted for height. While great for gamers, this may not be the best choice for professionals. The next alternative is an electric standing desk, which comes with its own adjustment settings, and you can easily switch between positions at the push of a button. Electric standing desks are expensive for obvious reasons, but are worth the money paid. 

Tips to pick one

First, set a budget for the purchase. You need to spend at least $200 or more for an electric standing desk, and this wouldn’t include the tabletop for most products. However, that can be an advantage, considering that you can customize the tabletop as you like. Check if the desk has reminders to change between positions, adjust the height range, and if the product is meant for extensive use. Consider if the product is easy to install, and you need to get a professional to do the same. 

Final word

If you are a fan of gaming, or would want to enjoy the best working experience at office, consider getting a standing desk. Just make sure that you pick one that’s meant to last and do check if the panel has a good range of features.