Hotel Safety Devices: Things You Should Know

One thing everybody is concerned about while stepping out of their homes is their possession’s safety. While on vacation, at a company conference, or even on a random staycation, losing one’s belongings is a huge risk.

Taking adequate measures for customer safety is something that the authorities should ensure. There are many devices for this, like the Panic Alarm Button for hotels.

The Panic Alarm Button is a popular choice of most hotels considering its utility and ease of installation. The alarm button has a single click activation feature that gives alert signals in the case of distress. The device is so sophisticated that the authorities can know the exact location of the floor and the room where it is operated. It even gives movement updates to the employees as well as the customers. The incident record feature of the device has attracted extra attention. It has the provision of taking pictures and notes as and when required.

This article will cover some of the safety devices that can be incorporated into hotels to ensure a secure atmosphere for the customers.


When choosing a safety device, you should consider the ease of installation. Installation doesn’t require unnecessary cables and hardwires that would take up extra room. It would also need the help of other vendors in the operational department and multiple days of work, which would be a tedious process for the whole hotel.

Location Accuracy

Placing them in an accurate location is a necessity when it comes to safety devices. For instance, say a person is abducted and hidden inside a hotel, this feature can be very useful. The feature would make use of wi-fi hubs that can provide correct specifications of devices inside the hotel. This feature should have the provision for customization, such as SMS features, configurations to specific devices, and even email alerts and push notification features.

More functions

In hotels, a safety device requires more than panic alert buttons. The more the number of features, the more the functionality of the device. Some possible safety features that can be considered are tracking the room tray, inventory, and even devices that ensure compliance with the protocol. The provision for customization is also an added advantage as it would see to the evolving changes and requirements of the world.


When you talk about safety, money should never be a matter. While looking into devices, money should never be the criteria for deciding on a device. What comes first is the features and provision for the customization of the device. The quality of the devices should be compared and reviewed with fellow hoteliers. Always go for devices that provide the best service when put to use and not the ones that are cheap and affordable. Quality should always be the hallmark.

More with less

One other feature to be considered is the utility of the device. The Panic Alarm Button for hotels should always be the priority, even if other features are present or not.

If there is an all-in-one device to accommodate the best features necessary in a hotel, take a look at them. If one has all the features accommodated in one, that can also cut the costs to a large extent. However, never compromise the safety.