5 Biggest Mall in Solo Indonesia

Solo and Yogyakarta are two adjacent cities that are always crowded with tourists. Solo is well-known as a cultural tourism destination because the people preserve Javanese culture since ancient times. Solo is also known as the city of batik craftsmen. This can be seen in the many batik villages that you can visit.

You need to know that Solo has many shopping centers that will satisfy your shopping desires. Starting from Solo City to Solo Baru, there are malls that you can visit for shopping or just sightseeing to pass the time. Want to know about the shopping center in Solo? The following is a list of malls in Solo that you can visit.

  • Solo Square Mall

Solo Square is a shopping center in Solo City adjacent to the Ministry of Education and Culture, Sebelas Maret University. Solo Square is located on the main road of Semarang – Solo and is located close to Purwosari Solo Station. This mall is very easy to access because it is located quite strategically.

Solo Square was originally a town square that has now been converted into a shopping center. Not far from Solo Square there is also another mall, namely Solo Grand Mall. Solo Square is now getting more and more crowded because it has more tenants. In addition, this mall is also often used as a place to hold big events such as job fairs.

  • Solo Grand Mall

Solo Grand Mall, known as SGM, is one of the malls in Solo which has been established since 2004. Standing on an area of ​​12,080 m2, Solo Grand Mall has seven floors. This fact makes SGM claimed to be the largest and most complete mall in Solo. Solo Grand Mall is located in the center of Solo City and adjacent to Maladi Sriwedari Stadium.

Solo Grand Mall is often used as a place to shop and hangout. The unique thing about this mall is that you can see the trains passing by at certain times. You can even see this view right in front of the Solo Grand Mall. There is a railroad track that serves as the Batara Kresna train line for the Solo Balapan – Wonogiri connection.

  • Solo Paragon Lifestyle Mall

Solo Paragon Lifestyle Mall is a shopping center in Solo, which is located close to the Solo Manahan Stadium. This mall is in the middle between Manahan Stadium and Solo Grand Mall. Solo Paragon Lifestyle Mall has a motto “shopping, dining and entertainment.”

Solo Paragon Lifestyle Mall stands on 4.1 hectares of land with five floors in it. This mall has complete facilities, especially after being provided with a cinema starting in 2013. In the Solo Paragon Mall area, there is also the Solo Paragon Hotel which can be your staycation place while on vacation to Solo.

  • The Park Mall Solo Baru

Solo Baru is an elite area that enters the Sukoharjo Regency area. Solo Baru is located on the border between Solo City and Sukoharjo Regency. In Solo Baru, there are many facilities, such as housing complexes, hospitals, and elite malls. There are two malls in Solo Baru, one of which is The Park Mall Solo Baru.

The Park Mall has a large outdoor area in the form of a garden. The tenants available at The Park Mall are complete. Therefore this mall is often used as a place for holding culinary festivals. Besides being satisfied with shopping, you can also taste various delicious food in a cozy place.

  • Solo Wholesale Center

The Solo Wholesale Center or PGS is not a mall in general. This place is a shopping center that serves wholesale and retail clothing purchases. The Solo Wholesale Center provides a variety of clothing that people need, from batik to everyday clothes.

Traders in other regions or cities generally dominate people who shop at the Solo Wholesale Center because all forms of clothing can be obtained here by retail and wholesale. Solo Wholesale Center provides a variety of batik and clothing from cheap to well-known brands. The location is quite strategic because it is close to the Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace. The Solo Wholesale Center is a must-visit place when on vacation to Solo.

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