How to prepare your little ones for a return to school in September  

School holidays are a wonderful time but with September around the corner, school will not be far away for your little ones. Helping your children to get ready for the daily routine once more can feel tricky, but don’t worry, this guide is for you. 

Here is how to prepare your children for a return to school in September. 

  1. Get them back into a routine 

After a few weeks of staying up late, sleeping in, and doing whatever they want throughout the day, returning to a regular routine can be tough. To help your kids adjust, ease the slowly back into the daily life of school. Start to send them to bed at a regular time, wake them up closer to what would be a normal time, and feed them during normal meal times. 

This will help them get back into the swing of things and have a smoother return the school life. 

  1. Ease them into learning again 

Soon your kids will be sitting in classrooms to learn once more, so you need to ease them into learning again. You don’t need to run formal lessons at home, but you can sit them down for set periods of time where they engage in learning activities such as laying a game, reading a book, or watching free kid’s cartoons. As long as these activities are educational, they will be worthwhile for your children. 

  1. Check they have all their necessary supplies  

Your children will need certain supplies at school to help them with their lessons. To help them, and to ensure that things aren’t sold out, try to get them before school starts up again. If you’re not sure what to get, contact your children’s school and they will be able to provide some guidance. 

  1. Have a countdown in the house 

If you can, try to have a visual countdown somewhere in the house. If you use a calendar, for example, you could have your kids take turns crossing days off. 

  1. Talk positively about returning to school 

Lastly, if your kids are dreading the return, try to change their mindset with positive talk. Emphasise the things that they have to look forward to like seeing their friends, their favourite teachers, and doing their favourite classes. 

Final Thoughts 

Follow the steps in this guide and your kids will be ready and possibly excited to return to school!