Tooth restoration: Basics about prosthodontics explained!

Despite considering improvement in dental care, people lose teeth for various reasons. The good news is there are some amazing options for replacing lost teeth. For the unversed, prosthodontics is a specialized component of dentistry, which is all about restoring/replacing teeth to enhance both aesthetic appeal & function of smile. Check a clinic for Munster Prosthodontics, and you will realize this is a vast branch in dental science. Prosthodontists specialize in ensuring that you have the best possible function with replacement teeth and a great smile that boosts your confidence.

Visiting a prosthodontist

Your first appointment with a prosthodontist is all about knowing the basics. They will do a complete checkup, to find the extent of damage, and based on the evaluation, they will determine a treatment plan. Replacing or restoring lost teeth requires understanding and checking for facts related to the location, shape, and the overall impact of the treatment on adjacent and surrounding teeth. You will have prosthetic tooth/teeth that will just fit in.

Options in tooth restoration

There are various ways to do tooth restorations. The most common is filling, which helps in restoring volume in a tooth that has suffered decay or enamel loss. Fillings are of various types and can be matched with the color of your existing tooth enamel. Another option of tooth restoration is known as crowns, which is more like a cover for teeth that have broken or fractured. In case filling is not viable because the tooth is weak, your prosthodontist will consider crowns. Somewhere between crowns and filling is an inlay, which protects the top surface of the tooth.

In case a patient has suffered tooth-loss and wants a permanent solution, a prosthodontist may recommend dental implants, which are replacement tooth roots. Dental implants are way better than dentures. Talk to a prosthodontist to know more!