Who Can’t Play Casino Games via Smartwatches?

Play Casino Games via Smartwatches

Hundreds of millions of people today use smartwatches for a variety of reasons. Smartwatches all have their own features and benefits. One of the benefits of a smartwatch is being able to play casino games. Are there any people who shouldn’t play casino games via smartwatches? Research is emerging that people who wear lifesaving medical devices like pacemakers shouldn’t wear smartwatches as they could interfere with these devices. 

Advantages of wearing a smartwatch

Wearing a smartwatch has a number of advantages. You are always connected and can receive important notifications right away. You will never miss a call or an email even if your mobile phone is out of reach. A smartwatch usually has a heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, a GPS, and may even offer the opportunity to make mobile payments. Today you can use a real money casino app on your smartwatch to enjoy playing online casino games. Gambling on a smartwatch for real money offers the ability to play on the go and the interface is usually intuitive and simple. 

Health problems from wearing a smartwatch

Is it good for your health to wear a smartwatch consistently? A common health problem when using a smartwatch is skin irritation or rashes. This can happen when it comes into contact with the skin as a result of allergies to materials in the device. If you notice redness, swelling, or itchiness around your smartwatch, you may need to remove it and give your skin a break. 

Eye strain is another problem that can come from constantly looking at a small bright screen. More and more gaming software companies like Playtech are creating betting apps for smartwatches. If you play casino games using an app on your smartwatch, eye strain could be a problem because the small screen size takes some getting used to. Even your poker guide won’t help you to improve your game if you’re suffering from eye strain. 

There are also some concerns about the EMF radiation emitted by smartwatches. The level is relatively low but the potential long-term effects are unknown. 

The health risks that come with wearing a smartwatch are generally low and taking some simple precautions can mitigate them. However, it’s a little different for people who wear lifesaving medical devices such as pacemakers. 

Smartwatches interfere with lifesaving medical devices 

Researchers at the University of Utah studied the possible effects of certain smartwatches on implantable electronic devices (CIEDs). They only studied devices using a specific technology called ‘bioimpedance sending’ which is the sending of small, painless electrical signals. In the study, they discovered that smartwatches caused the most interference of all the devices. 

The researchers, therefore, recommend that people with devices like pacemakers should not wear smartwatches because they could interfere with them. It appears that even the best smartwatches could prevent a pacemaker from delivering electrical impulses. These impulses are what keep the heart beating at a regular rate. People with pacemakers should obviously not be playing casino games via smartwatches.