8 Recommended Restaurants in Solo Which Serve Best Food

Upon arrival in Solo, the first thing that comes to mind is its signature food that must be tasted. You don’t need to worry, because many restaurants prepare a lot of Lezar dishes in Solo. We’ll let you know we’ve compiled a list of the eight best restaurants and places to eat in Solo. Solo, a.k.a Surakarta, is simply one of the most prominent culinary destinations in Indonesia. The recommendations we are going to give are the ones that have been the most visited by previous tourists.

Not only cafes, but Solo also has fantastic dining rooms and conventional street food stalls wrapped in attractive locations. Culinary lovers are guaranteed to be spoiled with a culinary hunt in Solo that will not disappoint. Below are some of our favorite restaurants to eat in Solo.

  • Adem Ayem Restaurant

Adem Ayem is one of the top restaurants that you should stop by when traveling to Solo. With its luxurious interior, Adem Ayem Restaurant has received 2 TripAdvisor Excellence awards. This fact can prove that the dishes served at this restaurant are the best that has ever been in Solo.

Adem Ayem Restaurant is also famous for its gudeg cuisine (raw jackfruit decorated with sugar, coconut milk, and spices), which goes well with grilled rice and chicken. If you are looking for an actual Solo culinary experience, Adem Ayem should be added to your vacation goal list.

  • Bakso Alex

Bakso, a dish consisting of meatballs, noodles, and doused with fresh hot sauce, is Bakso Alex’s specialty. Although a small restaurant, Bakso Alex also serves other food such as chicken noodles along and chicken. The exciting thing about the meatball produced by Alex’s Bakso is meatball, namely the vein meatball. You can enjoy this simple delicious dish indoors or on the floor. Although Bakso is a very common type of food and can be found anywhere, Bakso Alex has its charm that you shouldn’t miss.

  • Pecel Solo

Pecel Solo is probably the best traditional Javanese restaurant in town. Being one of the food menus that is very synonymous with Javanese culture, Pecel Solo is a local food that you must try.

  • Gladag Langen Bogan

Galabo or Gladag Langen Bogan is now a market food court and about half a dozen different food stalls serving a variety of cheap eats. While you won’t find the same quality here, Galabo is a great way to check out many traditional food at a glance. Being in this place is very pleasant, besides being able to taste a variety of delicious local food, you can also enjoy simple music performances that are performed live.

  • Goela Klapa

Goela Klapa is another destination that deserves to be on the list of culinary spots also popular with many people. The architecture that is owned is influenced by a touch of extraordinary Dutch culture. You need to know that the restaurant is one of the luxury restaurants in Solo. As you pass the magnificent restaurant fountain and look up at the brass-plated nameplate, it is actually a tribute to Joko Widodo, Indonesia’s current president.

The menus served at this restaurant are nasi rolls dadali (grilled chicken followed by a rice/corn mixture served in a banana leaf jar), king-style grilled fish (grilled whole fish garnished with chili sauce, and a refreshing salad) along with pindang Tulang (chopped bonefish). In noodle soup).

  • Par Four Cafe

While we love researching traditional flavors on the go, the urge to taste western flavors is also quite tempting. Par Four Café is a restaurant that serves American food that is much loved by the likes of burgers, Nu Yawk noodles, along schooners of beer. With friendly staff and a good atmosphere, sometimes this place is the one-stop place for steak and grilled ribs in Solo.

  • Gubug Makan Mang Engking Solo

There are other interesting menus offered at Gubug Makan Mang Engking Solo. Unlike some of the restaurants or cafes that have been previously mentioned, you will be spoiled by a variety of seafood dishes that are certainly cooked with the best quality spices in this restaurant.

  • Ganesha Lounge Bar

The range of cocktails served by this lounge includes Virgin Mojitos, Tirtanalinis, Rujak Punches Together with Ramada Elixirs, and Bintang Beer. If you’re trying to find a place to eat with your closest and dearest, or you’re after something anti-mainstream, then we recommend Ganesha!

Vacation is more than just the food, and it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Solo by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.