3 Hotels in Labuan Bajo That Affordable With Beautiful Scenery

A 1.5-hour trip from Bali requires you to magical Labuan Bajo, the starting point to a Komodo experience in scenic Flores! the most raved-about destinations in Indonesia lately, Komodo Islands and West Flores are proven to be largely unexplored. The famous UNESCO Heritage Site has all of the makings of a tropical idyll: Pristine coral reefs packaged with various species of fishes, subtropical islands, and dragon-like reptiles roaming accessible and sleepy fishing villages where people are an uncommon sight.

But what is difficult to find at a brand new tourist destination is a cozy place (with A/C rather!). Now, overlook moldy and subtropical lodging and have a look at these very affordable ocean view hotels conveniently placed in Labuan Bajo – most of which can be walking or a short driving distance to the shore, town, and airport. These resorts create this particular part of the world even more unique for visitors because you can wake up to unlimited views of the deep azure Flores Sea before focusing on a full-day experience to explore its underwater world.

  • La Cecile Hotel

We are thankful for spectacular views; however, something we love much more would be to soak at an infinity pool to take in the magnificent vistas! Views from the sea view rooms look pretty much like you have been transported to Greece, and since the resort is newly opened as of 2018, you can expect clean rooms built with plush duvets and blankets that are essential (though you won’t spend much time in there).

The staff in the hotel will be sure you don’t ever need to leave – they are unique in the sense they will make each visitor feel special. Spend a night here, and they will know most of your titles! When there’s something to emphasize, the staff makes The difference in this particular stay. Live music and yoga courses will keep you amused on weekends, plus a free shuttle service operates a couple of times every day, so you can always visit town for more actions.

  • Golo Hilltop

Perfect hilltop place aside, this tiny bit of paradise leaves a supremely relaxing getaway. Golo Hilltop also controls postcard-perfect points of view of the azure ocean lying ahead. Besides your bedroom, you also get to enjoy the enchanting scenery from the on-site swimming pool and pub. Close your eyes now and open them, no it wasn’t only a dream – truth here includes swimming and eating with amazing views of the sea on the side, framed by lush green structures.

Rooms are comfortable and clean but do not deserve more attention than the magical perspectives they provide. With an almost far-flung location and only ten bungalows available, tranquillity and calmness are guaranteed at Golo Hilltop. The catch? It’s almost always completely booked as it’s a travelers’ favorite accommodation option in Labuan Bajo. Make sure that you reserve in time!


  • Selini On The Hill Villas

There are loads of strategies to break free from it all in Labuan Bajo, and one of these is reserving a stay at Selini in The Hill Villas. Head up to your secret treehouse and revel in a magic perspective of the horizon! Though not wholly assembled on a shrub, the all-wooden cabana is set among tall trees, which thankfully make space for the endless sea views. Services at the villas are considered essential and not luxurious; after all, you’re not here for 5-star therapy, but the beautiful views of the vast sea dotted with green hills and d sailing ships will cause you to forget those inconveniences.

Located a brief distance from the harbor, they also have a boat to accommodate individuals who wish to explore the Komodo archipelago. What could be better off coming back in the day trips to a cozy ocean view stay? Their Aqua Luna Selini boat will require you to learn more about the magical Padar, Rinca, and Komodo Islands to enjoy pristine waters, powdery beaches, and rocky scenic landscapes.

After a full day exploring the nearby islands, return to enjoy a seafood feast in the environment of neighboring Pede Beach. A great spot to settle at is Atlantis Beach Club (seven minutes drive from home), a location in which you have to indulge in sea-to-table dishes which are freshly caught and prepared to tickle your tastebuds!

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