Do my kids stay with me or my partner? 

The solution to this essential query relies upon in your position as a figure earlier than you and your partner separated. If you’ve got been closely worried with elevating your kids, you may likely have your kids residing with you an excellent part of the time. In reality, increasingly more mother and father have their kids residing with them on a “week-about” basis. 

In different words, the kids stay with one figure for one week and the alternative figure on the subsequent week on a rotating basis. Call (905) 434-8837 now to discover what the exceptional residential, custody is legally and get right of entry to preparations on your kids.

Do I should supply monetary facts to my partner

Yes, you ought to offer complete monetary disclosure on your partner to barter a legitimate separation agreement. You additionally should offer this facts while your case is in own circle of relative’s court. This fact consists of your closing 3 years’ Notices of Assessment, a latest paystub, financial institution account facts and RRSP documents.

Do I should pay for daycare prices and different fees further to paying baby support? 

You possibly should make a contribution to daycare prices and different affordable fees on your kids further to baby support. These are referred to as phase 7 fees. They commonly consist of daycare prices, prices of your kidssports activities, and out-of-pocket dental and drug prices

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