Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce

Are you planning on getting a divorce? Then certainly you are overburdened with a lot of confusion and you are on a quest of seeking answers to some questions arising in your minds. Turco Legal, P.C. has assembled a few frequently asked questions and answered them so that you can get your facts cleared. 

How much does a divorce cost?

The cost of divorce cases varies, and it depends on the complexity of the case and whether the case is contested. A case that is not contested will be lower in cost than a contested case. In other words, when a divorce case becomes adversarial, the expenses also see a hike. The attorney fee is not all you will need to afford, there are a lot of out-of-pocket expenses that will add up to your bills. 

Can I sue my spouse on grounds of cheating and adultery?

You can choose any grounds you want to sue your spouse owing to your state family law. There are states who have adopted no-fault divorce, that is, you will not need to prove any ground while getting a divorce. To be more certain you can have an appointment with a local divorce attorney and let them walk you through the state laws. 

However, if you want to establish the fact that you are getting the divorce because your spouse was cheating, it will help you to get better compensation during the settlement. For instance, if a spouse is spending the marital funds on another person with whom they might be having an affair, the court while settling the divorce will take it into consideration and if will affect the material property division.

What if you don’t get a divorce but your spouse is forcing you?

There is no way you can stop a divorce if your spouse has filed a divorce petition. In some states, there is a separation period of six months (subjective) and after the completion of the separation period, one is getting the final divorce. 

However, you need to find a therapist if the divorce was against your will as it may lead you to depression and trauma. 

Is there a difference between legal separation and divorce?

If you are legally separated then you remain married. Whereas, while getting a divorce you will be breaking all the legal ties with your spouse sling with that you will get the property and financial assets divided too. 

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