Five most expensive places to purchase property in Cheshire

Where are the most expensive properties in Cheshire?

5. Macclesfield

The market town of Macclesfi威而鋼
eld is located in Cheshire where it lies on the River Bollin. This is in the east of the county bordering the Cheshire Plain on the one side and Macclesfield Forest on the other. Macclesfield is less than 40 miles from Chester and just over 15 miles from Manchester city centre. A long time ago before the Norman Conquest Macclesfield was the possession of Edwin, Earl of Mercia. Mention is made of this region in the Domesday Book. Most of the town started around the hilltop where St. Michael’s church is now located. The Macclesfield Grammar School was founded in 1502. A mansion will cost 2.6 million pounds.

4. Alderley Edge

The village of Alderley Edge is in Cheshire, England. Approximately 5000 people are living here. There are several other towns in the region such as Manchester and Macclesfield. Alderley Edge is located at the base of a steep and thickly wooded sandstone escarpment. This makes it one of the primary topographical features in the region with a view over the Cheshire Plain. This is known as an affluent area with a large number of expensive houses. There are also several designer shops and cafes and the village are popular among premier league footballers, wealthy businesspeople and other celebrities. A villa can cost as much as 3 million pounds for a quick property sale.

3. Wilmslow

The town of Wilmslow is located in Cheshire, England. It is very close to Manchester city centre. Over 30,000 people are living in Wilmslow. This town has an amazing history and additional information was uncovered with the discovery of Lindow Man which was preserved in the peat bogs for 2,000 years. It is widely acknowledged that Lindow Man is one of the most important Iron Age finds in the UK. Many people wanted to keep Lindow Man in Wilmslow but he was transferred to the British museum where Lindow Man is a central feature of the Iron Age exhibition. A mansion can cost 3.1 million pounds.


The village of Prestbury is in Cheshire less than 2 miles from Macclesfield. Approximately 4000 people are living in Prestbury. It is a very popular place to live just like Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, and other Cheshire Golden triangle villages. Apparently priests were responsible for the establishment of Prestbury and the name comes from the word Preôsta burh which some say simply means town of priests but a more accurate translation will be a priest’s fortified enclosure. Properties in this village can cost as much as 3.7 million pounds.

1. Over Alderley

Over Alderley is located in Cheshire, England. Approximately 500 people are living in Over Alderley. It includes several places such as Whirley, Vardentown, Shaw Cross, Harehill, Harebarrow, Finlow Hill, Broadheath, Adshead Green and Adders Moss. It was one of the eight ancient parishes of the Macclesfield Hundred of Cheshire. Places of interest are Saint Catherine’s Church, Alderley Lodge and Birtles hall. According to Wales Cash Buyers, this is a very popular area and valuable properties can cost as much as 6.5 million pounds.