5 Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Camping Equipment

Cumming is the only incorporated area in Forsyth County in Georgia, located forty miles northeast of Atlanta. It is an ideal playground for camping adventures, with several camping sites located all over the city.

If you’re a true explorer and nature lover, you must have thought about camping in Sawnee Mountain or exploring the striking beauty of the Big Creek Greenway. While camping can be a great way to unwind and relax, you must have the right camping gear.

Hence, when looking for camping equipment in Cumming, GA, you must consider the following factors. The details are given below.


You must consider the weather for which you are buying your camping equipment. While camping is fun during the summers, rains can be pretty unpredictable. And Cumming being rainier than most places in Georgia, you must buy tents that can stand heavy rains.

If you like camping throughout the year, you must look for all-weather camping gear. You can find tents that are all-weather rated, which means you’re protected from different weather conditions prevailing in Cumming all year round.


Your camping gear should make your camping feel like home. Whether you’re out for tent camping in Shady Grove Campground or Shoal Creek campground, make sure you have everything to get a comfortable night’s sleep. So, make sure you get your comfortable camping pillows, mats, and sleeping bags. If you can get an air mattress, you can take your comfort a notch higher.

While looking for camping equipment in cumming ga, you must not neglect the importance of the right pair of shoes, the best-hiking gadgets, and some moisture-wicking clothing. Also, when buying the tent, pick one with a bug screen to remain protected from bugs and enjoy the view of the wild.

Packing space

When planning camping, you want to carry things that take up very little space. The best camping items are compact and fit in the smallest spaces, leaving enough room for everything you need to carry. For example, if you’re buying a camping pillow, make sure it is compact and lightweight. You may also get one with a packing sack that compresses the pillow in a small space or an inflatable one that you can deflate into a smaller size.

Number of people

The number of people in your group is an important determinant when purchasing camping equipment. When buying a tent, you must get one larger than the indicated capacity. The manufacturers indicate the capacity by fitting the number of sleeping bags. If you’re a large group, the space could be too small. Hence, getting one or two sizes up is always better when buying a group tent. Your group size will also determine the kitchen camping gear or the kind of camping cooler you require.

Weight and portability

Your camping gear should be easily portable, saving a lot of effort to haul the equipment from the car to the site. Also, the best equipment is easy to move around. Therefore, when buying camping equipment in Cumming, GA, you can get camping grills and coolers with wheels so that you can carry them easily.

Camping equipment is quite expensive. So, while paying attention to all the above factors, you cannot neglect the material and equipment construction quality. You must also check the fine print on the warranty to get the help you need in case of any issues. Therefore, if you want your camping equipment to last long, it is wise to invest in high-quality materials and avail the best warranties.