Can you go to jail for online gambling?

One of the biggest questions people have about gambling is if they are in danger of going to jail. Singapore has a stringent law that prevents gambling, both in brick and mortar and online. However, what is the real application of this law? Let’s find out more

Singapore Gambling Laws

For brick-and-mortar gambling, all activities are banned under the Singapore Remote Gambling Act of 2014, unless given exempt status. As of now, only the Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club have been the places allowed for online betting and gaming, according to the act. Though both are comprehensive for gambling needs, they are also limited in the odds and games they offer.

According to the RGA, playing on online gaming sites operating in Singapore will result in the person receiving punishment will result in hefty fines as low as $5,000, as well as a prison sentence of at least six months.However, these laws are not so stringent when it comes to offshore based casinos. These casinos do cater to Singaporeans but are located elsewhere, so they do not break the law. They also have features such as:

  • Deposit and withdrawal options in home currency
  • Language options in Chinese, English and Malay
  • Promotions that are in tune with Singaporean holidays
  • Sportsbook odds that correspond to the GMT +8 time zones

With these conditions, you know that you’ve found a site that targets your demographic, and you play casino games with a company that knows you and does not intend to do you harm.

How to Gamble  in Singapore Safely

Protection during online gambling is crucial to avoid being tagged for alleged illegal gambling. Here are some tips on how you could protect your privacy.

  1. Use a virtual private network (VPN). You could get around being tracked by using a VPN on your computer. A VPN could help you keep your IP address secret, and you can prevent personal information on your computer from being hacked by outsiders.
  1. Use a secure username and password. Choose a unique username, and also select a password that is hard to guess. Choose a password that has uppercase and lowercase letters, and at least a number and special characters.
  1. Don’t put your entire bankroll into the system. You could risk losing a lot of money if you resort to putting all of the money at once. Put in a modest amount first then start small while gambling.
  1. Use only verified sources of payments. Check the casino if they have secure deposit/ withdrawal systems. Consult with the customer support service for help in this matter.
  1. Don’t play on the site in very open spaces. While gambling in an authorized area is considered a jailable offence, it isn’t the case when you do it privately. After all, gambling is a private experience, thus it is a grey area in the law. This is where the use of VPN also applies.

Has a Hassle-Free Play on an Online Casino

Violating the Singapore Remote Gambling Act could be penalised by sending one to jail. But as long as you play on offshore sites within a personal space, you will not have such a fate. Also, always remember to gamble responsibly, and set for yourself a personal limit on when you should stop. The more controlled your habits on an online casino are, the less you need to worry.

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