Get Comprehensive Dental Services at UENO CENTER DENTAL SPECIALISTS

Dental specialists in Campbell, California, have a team of specialists who are highly skilled and offer a full service of gum treatment, which includes teeth cleaning, scaling, root planing & flap surgery. Teeth are essential in human day-to-day activities. They give the face a good appearance and improve one’s smile. Patients with gum problems should visit UENO Center Dental Specialists for gum treatments in Campbell, California.

Gum treatments

Gum treatments are procedures designed to treat and eliminate gum diseases before they worsen. If gum diseases are left unmanaged, they can lead to a variety of oral issues. Some of these issues are;

  •       Loose teeth
  •       Bone deterioration
  •       Tooth loss
  •       Receding gums

Gum disease, if left unmanaged, increases a patient’s risk of diseases like diabetes and heart disease. The importance of investing in gum treatment is that it preserves a person’s smile and physical health for many years.

Different Gum Treatments

Ueno Center Dental Specialists offer a variety of gum treatments;

  •       Deep cleaning: It is also referred to as gum therapy. At Ueno Dental Specialists, the specialists clean out plaque and tartar from between the teeth and around the patients’ gum line. This process is important since it eliminates bad bacteria from the gums and teeth and stops decay in its tracks.
  •       Scaling and root planing; in serious gum diseases, dentists may recommend prescription medication, which includes antibiotic gel, oral antibiotics, enzyme suppressants, and antibiotic microspheres.
  •       Flap surgery; if good oral hygiene and medications do not provide adequate relief, periodontal surgery may be recommended. During flap surgery, the doctor cleans out built-up tartar and any calculus by lifting the patient’s gum back. The experienced dentists suture the patients’ gum tightly around the edges of his/her teeth.
  •       Bone and tissue grafts; if gum disease is left untreated, it may lead to bone decay and deterioration. In the occurrence of this, the dentist may recommend a bone or tissue graft. In a bone graft, the dentist implants a synthetic bone material inside the patients’ jaw. After some time, the implant encourages the growth of new healthier bone tissues, thus restoring the strength and the integrity of the patients’ jaw.

To determine the type of gum treatment a person needs, one should call and book an appointment at Ueno Center Dental Specialists. The dentists request the patient to determine his/her goals for treatment where a review of the patients’ medical history is discussed in order to make a comprehensive treatment recommendation that aligns with the patients’ needs.

Specialists at Ueno Centre Dental Specialists also offer other oral services, which include;

  •       Dental implants
  •       Immediate implant placement
  •       Teeth-In-A Day
  •       Laser therapy
  •       Sedation
  •       Gum grafting
  •       Mouth-body connection
  •       Preventive gum disease

Specialists at Ueno Center Dental Specialists offer experienced, comprehensive services with the main goal of serving their patients in the best way possible. The specialists are respectful and consider their patients as members of the family. They use modern instruments in their treatment, which serves their patients in a comfortable and painless manner. People suffering from oral problems should call Ueno Centre Dental Specialist and book an appointment where high-quality services are guaranteed.