Stock Management Software Helps Customers To Get Things Quickly

It is impossible to keep track of the products inside the store manually, so for that, a software system was invented called store management system (ระบบสต๊อกสินค้า, which is the term in Thai) to organise everything systematically. This software helps in keeping the sales and product trajectory. This software will help keep everything in a chronological pattern so that it becomes easy for the system manager to get the details about the store.

How Can It Be Done?

Previously, people used to maintain an Excel sheet for keeping the record of each product and also which are needed to fill in. The work was time-consuming, as we live in a technologically advanced society, so this software made things easy. Now it becomes easy to know about the sales services and also get to know about the stock of products which are in demand.

Now, the customer hardly visits the stores; there are many online shopping apps where they can order their products. On the other side, the customer service team gets notified about the product, and if it is out of stock, they also keep the customers informed.

How Do They Keep A Record?

This store management system can help the store manager give the details of the products bought in a day and how many are being restocked. The system automatically provides an exact invoice mentioning the product details, price, tax deduction, etc. Not only that, but it also manages the products shown in tiktok shop (ติ๊ก ต๊อก shop, which is the term in Thai).

What Is A Tik Tok Shop?

Tik tok, as we know, is a popular, entertaining app where many videos are being posted. It has gained so much popularity that it has started to sell a few products that can be useful for grocery or decorating homes or buying a few skincare products. So, everything they sell or purchase to the customers is managed by a store management system that records everything. This system also notifies about the best-selling products and also less demanding ones. Online promotions are also done in TikTok; buyers buy it instantly by clearing the payment.


Many shopping apps will provide various options; if you are willing to buy a dress, they will also show the exact size, like S/M/L. The products that are returned also maintain a track record. Sometimes, people add different products to their cart but need to remember to buy those,  and then that particular app notifies them to buy those. In TikTok shops, many products are advertised and given proper discounts; their app manages everything to make things easy.