Advertising VS SEO- Which is More Effective to Rank Your Website?

Advertising and SEO both play a crucial part to rank your website but both are not similarly effective. Both have different characteristics and a different role to promote your website. Advertising is more focused on producing faster results while SEO is focused on producing long-term results. Let’s explore which one option is more effective to rank your website. 


Advertising is all about promoting your website through advertisement. In this, you first have to conduct in-depth research and study to find out some high search volume keywords for your website niche. 

For example, if your website provides professional writing services, you will first have to find out keywords like writing services, essay writing services, best writers, and such more. Then you will have to create an advertisement. If you will be targeting YouTube as your advertising platform, you can create both image and video ads. But if you will be targeting Google and other search engines, you will have to create your website ad in which you will be directing your audience directly to your website. 

Through advertising your website, you will start getting your potential audiences or customers on your website fastly. However, when you will stop your ad, your website will automatically stop getting your potential customers through your advertisement. So, through advertisements, you can get a limited number of customers or audiences. However, this will boost your website’s performance on the SERP (search engine result page) and push your website to the top results. 

This can be a little costly for you if you have a decent budget. But overall, advertising your channel is a good way to promote your website. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

These days, almost everyone is aware of the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is a strategic technique to promote and rank every form of digital content on the top results. It includes a set of strategic actions that are performed on and off the website to rank it on the SERP. It is completely different from the advertisement. 

It starts with the website audit, then moves on to keyword research and strategy making. Once this part has been completed, the Snap Visibility on to the execution part. They perform different SEO actions on your websites such as content optimization and link building. This takes some time, but eventually, you get the best quality result. 

Within a couple of months or more, your website starts getting a large number of web traffic. This is a long-term solution for ranking your website on the top results. This also builds your website recognition and credibility among your audiences and due to that your website keeps getting quality visitors and that too in a large number. 

Now, if you compare advertising and SEO, it will be safe to say that SEO is far better than advertisement to rank and promote your website. And that’s why you should hire an SEO expert to rank your website on the SERP. 

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