Treatment of Men’s Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction in men is one of the health conditions that are very embarrassing and mainly lowers their self-esteem. However, compassionate and discrete care is offered to men to improve their sexual performance and libido. Dr. Ramesh Kumar offers you treatment options for a variety of health conditions such as erectile dysfunction. Services provided also enable you to regain your vitality.

What sexual problems mainly affect men?

Even though most sexual problems affect men who are over forty years of age, younger men can also be affected. Therefore, it is a condition that can strike you at any age. In case you have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, you may experience some problem with maintaining or getting an erection. You can also undergo some struggle before reaching orgasm. Since sexual dysfunction is an embarrassing and frustrating condition, many people may be reluctant to seek medical care after experiencing a few symptoms. Additionally, you may get frustrated, especially if the first treatment line fails to work for you.

Therefore, the practitioners offer you a wide range of discrete and safe treatment methods for your sexual wellness because they understand how living with sexual dysfunction could be difficult. The health care provider can also rejuvenate your sexual life even after the treatment options available fail.

What are the causes of sexual dysfunction?

In most cases, sexual dysfunction can be a symptom of many underlying health conditions. Smoking, prescribed drugs, alcoholism, depression, low testosterone levels, drug abuse, vascular problems, stress, anxiety, or nerve damage are some of the causes that the provider considers when getting to the root of the problem.

After identifying the cause of sexual dysfunction, the doctor comes up with a personalized treatment plan to meet your individual goals. The treatment method used can help you have lasting relief to your problem.

Are treatment options available for men’s sexual health?

Vasper system, peptide therapy, GAINSWave, NovoTHORO, brain restoration, good lounge, medical acupuncture, and hormone therapy are some of the sexual wellness treatment methods. No lengthy recovery periods are required if the above treatment options are used because most of them are minimally invasive. The treatment’s main focus is to boost your energy levels and restore the body’s natural balance. In most cases, there exists a link between emotional concern and sexual dysfunction. One can also be offered treatment for conditions such as stress, insomnia, and addiction. Treatment is provided in a private and comfortable environment to maintain patient confidentiality.

What are the expected results?

Even though the treatment results may vary from one patient to another, most patients can find quick relief for their symptoms. P-shot with platelet-rich plasma has a success rate of approximately ninety percent. In comparison, GAINSWave is successful in more than seventy-five percent of patients with sexual dysfunction. However, other treatment options can also help you regain self-confidence and esteem by providing dramatic results. Some traditional methods of treating sexual dysfunction like Viagra may, at times, cause inconsistent results or unwanted effects. Therefore, if you stop taking the Viagra pill, the symptoms may return.

Suppose you or someone close to you is battling some sexual dysfunctions, including erectile dysfunction, contact or visit LifeWell M.D. today to receive your treatment. The specialists offer you various services available with the aim of providing long term results and lasting relief to your symptoms.